Postie Bike Trip – Melbourne to Uluru – Feb/March 2016

Watch my friend Liam and I travel over 4,500-kilometres from Melbourne to Australia’s famous red centre (and back to Melbourne) on Honda CT-110’s, more commonly known as Postie Bikes!

We seriously thought we wouldn’t make it out of our local area whether it be because the bikes let us down or to get fresh pairs of undies because of the trucks that thundered past us.

The trip took 14 days all up. We got to Uluru in 8 days*, spent one full day explorng the area and then pushed home in 5 days due to a personal emergency. We did over 5,200km including all the running around and detours we took.

We also spent a bit of time in Adelaide where I got the watermark featured in the video tattooed on my thigh by the legendary Kelly Mckinnon at Black Diamond tattoos, who came up with the design after very short notice!

All in all the trip was a great success and I’d happily do it all again, and I would encourage anyone to give it a go!
All the music used in the video are by Australian artists with the exception of Nada Surf.

Tracks in order of appearance:

Eskimo Joe – Wake Up

Horror My Friend – Pup

Grenadiers – Live Fast, Diabetes

Stonefield – To the Mountains

Nada Surf – Cold To See Clear

Jebediah – Leaving Home
Thanks for watching

***It actually took 8 days to reach Uluru, not 9 like it says in the video***

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