Uluru Tours Ayers Rock and Surrounds

Discover why we say “You have to do an Uluru Tour!” and Surrounds combined together

There are many ways to see Uluru, but we highly recommend taking a tour. The best part about taking a tour is that you’ll have an expert guide who can tell you all about Uluru’s history, as well as give you tips on how to take amazing photos and videos of this incredible natural wonder!

Now imagine staying on site for two nights or three days and experiencing everything this remote area has to offer – including tours and activities, restaurants, accommodation and spa treatments. We’re talking about one of the world’s natural wonders at its best!

Whether you’re looking for an adventure holiday or just a relaxing trip, our itineraries are designed to provide something for everyone.

Explore Australia’s spiritual heart, tour the home of its most famous rock formation Uluru, as well as the majestic Kings Canyon.